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Lulairuide series


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Technical parameters
Model: LLRD-G350 (supports modular customization, upgrades)
Weight: 1800kg
Move: Traction / own type, height adjustable traction
Walking System: Hydraulic rear axle direct drive
Power System: Genuine Honda petrol engine
Transmission: Hydraulic
Discharge System: Instant pumping
Heating: imported diesel burner
Fuel value: 100000Kcal
Electric heating hoses: 6 m heated hose length, full electric heating, can rotate 360 degrees
Mixing method: hydraulic motor driven stirring
Thermal reactor volume: 350L
Melt method: HTF indirect heating
Stands platform: You can use slot machines or construction materials, tools, etc., placed on the rear platform
Insulation tips warehouse (patented technology): Avoid cold environment pipette tip clogging
The new non-center-type built-feed pump (patented technology): to ensure synchronous feed pump and tank heating, and greatly simplifies the equipment maintenance program to improve the machine's life, and completely eliminate the problem of leakage of the sealant.
Optional components: construction warning devices, night construction lights, integrated heat gun, electricity insulation


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