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The development trend of foreign road machinery overview

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Paving the road construction and maintenance of important security conditions, advanced road construction and maintenance machinery are quality assurance highway construction and maintenance projects. Until the end of 2012 our total mileage of 4,237,500 km, 96,000 km highways have been built, with the rapid development of China's highway industry, promote the improvement of road machinery and technology development, domestic road machinery technical level is close to the international advanced level, but compared with other countries the level is still a gap. Economically developed countries has become a network of roads, road construction and maintenance machinery has been developed to a high technical level, the following overview describes the dynamics and development trends of road machinery and other foreign countries for reference

  1. Asphalt Mixing Equipment
Asphalt Mixing function of the device is different size aggregates and filler proportion prescribed blending together, for heating and drying the aggregate, asphalt as binder, at a temperature specified mixing into a uniform mixing material. Applies to highways, urban roads, airports, docks, parking and other engineering departments, asphalt mixing equipment is one of the key equipment of asphalt pavement construction, forcing batch asphalt mixing plant have been widely used around the world, and its technology, structure matures, forced batch asphalt mixing plant has reached a high level of technology. But technology is always in constant development, forcing batch asphalt mixing plant technology trend is to ensure aggregate gradation, prevent mix segregation, energy, reduce pollution, improve automation and parts of the production process terms of durability and reliability development.
2. The aggregate gradation testing and analysis system
Forced batch asphalt mixing plant asphalt mixture gradation and asphalt content constantly in the random variation in the course of their work, foreign manufacturers have successfully developed a system of detection and analysis of aggregate gradation and aggregate moisture detector, etc., can be effectively improve the mixing quality mix.
Aggregate gradation detection and analysis system (Figure 1), including sampling and analyzer, sampling is installed in the cold aggregate belt conveyor system, the random sampling and analysis of aggregate gradation of cold cases, samplers sampling time of only 0.5 seconds As a result, and thus does not affect the working of the conveyor belt, the amount of sample sampler is generally 9 ~ 13 kg, sampler obtained material directly into the automatic drying system or a specific test machine for weighing vessel analysis, sampling and analysis of transported to the computer, the computer analysis comparing the feedback control after the appropriate agency to correct grading error.
3. To prevent mix segregation
Prevent mix segregation problems when paver job to draw attention not only in the mix also have to prevent the mixing process. After forcing batch asphalt mixing plant aggregate heating and drying by hot aggregate upgrade into shaker for screening, since there is a certain area of the screen surface, the hot aggregate gradually dispersed into the screen surface, screen By sharing the first screen surface fine aggregate, coarse material gradually diffuses through the screen surface, so that fine material into the first storage bin, and then feed into the larger, and finally into the largest material, thereby forming the thickness of the material separation phenomena (Figure 2), the outflow from the hot aggregate metering vault material will Segregation, in order to avoid this segregation, has been adopted abroad plus baffle guide blanking position to reduce segregation.

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