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Under construction machinery industry for whom spring from?

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Since the second half of 2011, construction machinery industry affected by domestic and international macro-economic environment, companies generally face market sales continued to decline in the adverse situation. Weak market demand, leading to an increase in business inventories, industry overcapacity, business inventories for treatment as soon as possible, whether it is a listed company in order to big performance reports more beautiful, or small and medium companies in order to survive or protect market share, have taken or are forced to take it too aggressive credit marketing tool, resulting in a sharp rise in accounts receivable of many enterprises, enterprises increasingly tight liquidity. Moreover, with rising labor costs, the survival and development of construction machinery enterprises have suffered a very severe test, each of which are currently in bankruptcy, and look forward to the arrival of spring industry again? We can not help but want to explore, when the construction machinery industry, the arrival of spring? What businesses can enjoy the dividends next spring again?

 Reporters recently participated in the "Fujian's construction machinery industry to upgrade the exchange of experience," which got some inspiration. The upgrade was held to exchange experiences, indicating Fujian engineering machinery enterprises have been deeply aware of the current industry crisis and challenges encountered in development, the organizers want to Fujian engineering machinery by mainstream companies gather a way, advice, ride storm. Fujian construction machinery industry, several leading companies such as Ha Long workers, Jin workers and other companies are in the exchange at the share exchange for enterprises to upgrade their experience and views, the three companies have said the pace of development although the company nearly two years has slowed, but also for the internal adjustment company, restructuring provides a rare opportunity. For the transformation and upgrading of the initiatives of the three companies invariably strive towards the following directions: First, increase R & D investment, enhance the technological content of products; the second is to change the business management concepts, improve work efficiency; the third is to open up overseas markets, accelerate the internationalization pace. Simple summary is: hard skills, think globally.
Three Fujian engineering machinery enterprises have said they would Lianhaoneigong in perseverance industry downturn, but also that they have great expectations for the industry to bring spring. Conference, Secretary-General of the China Construction Machinery Industry Association, Suzi Meng's words, for these enterprises is injected a booster.
Suzi Meng said the ups and downs of 2010 due to the contradictions accumulated uneven development, resulting in the domestic construction machinery industry emerged as the irrational structure, excess capacity, such as the structure of some of the difficulties and challenges. He believes that, after extensive rapid development of enterprises, to slowly learn to adapt to a decrease in demand due to the current market situation of low growth companies. Suzi Meng said that although the development of the current industry encountered some challenges, but his future development of construction machinery industry is more optimistic attitude, he believes that the future economic rebound moderate slowdown in manufacturing investment will help curb the situation, such as the March investment in manufacturing rose to 19.9% in the second quarter and the trend will continue this rally; secondly, the future of the national large-scale urbanization, construction engineering machinery industry is absolutely positive; in addition, despite the current domestic enterprises export market is facing a series of challenges, But no doubt, the international market has a very broad market space, and our products have the absolute price advantage.
Conference, Xu Tiejun, deputy director of Fujian Provincial Economic and Trade Commission also made a special trip to attend the meeting. Xu Tiejun said he recently visited a number of manufacturing companies, found a problem that the device, which many of the core components of production are imported foreign products, and the acquisition cost a lot of money, this phenomenon is greatly restricted the enterprise products price competitiveness and product margins. Want companies to be able to in the industry downturn, abandon the impetuous, research and innovation under the heart to carry out his product. Xu Tiejun that the current status of the domestic construction machinery industry, is more similar to the situation when the domestic appliance industry, the industry after a series of adjustments, eventually there will be some companies out of the market, well-known brands of mechanical engineering advantages will become more prominent.
However, in order to enhance the technological innovation capability and short development cycle to increase investment in the construction machinery industry in the current business environment is more impetuous background, can be described in terms of the enterprise easier said than done. Therefore, when we once again thrown the construction machinery industry next spring will come for whom this issue so we can assert: will come, but not for everyone from. Only those difficult industry to survive the "winter" of the enterprise in order to feel the warmth of the spring sun, and to help businesses get through the winter "jacket" is the enterprise management level and product innovation and development of their own ability.
In recent decades, although the overall level of China's industrial rise, but more American and European countries there is a large gap. Although our products in the international market have a price advantage, but to seek long-term development of the market, had to return to the nature of the enterprise based on the market: to provide users with high-quality products. However, China's export market products, generally have the characteristics of low-cost, low-cost, low-tech. Hope that the domestic construction machinery enterprises such as Fujian energy engineering machinery industry leading three companies claim like that, trying Lianhaoneigong overcome difficulties and meet a glorious new future.

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