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The northern section of Shanghai opened a trial operation of a number of transportation facilities through

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31, in addition to the second phase of the rail line on the 9th and the 11th line of the opening of the northern section of a trial operation, Shanghai also opened or through a number of other transportation facilities.
31 pm, Zhangjiang Tram traffic, starting from the Zhangjiang Hi-Tech line rail station, located in Zhangjiang Riverfront end Zhang Road Autumn Road, a total length of 9.8 km, located 15 stations, an average of 620 meters away from the station.

  Xian Xia Road tunnel beneath the airport yesterday and all through, since through the airport in Shanghai's first large-scale all through the tunnel.
Shanghai's first container ship can pass inland waterway - Su Shen Outer Harbor line completed and put into use. After the original Su Shen Outer line waterway dredging, can pass 1,000-ton container barge.
On the 31st, currently the largest span, double-deck highway widest cable-stayed bridge in the world built Minpu Bridge opened to traffic. This is the first eight Shanghai Huangpu River Bridge, is the largest span the Huangpu River, the largest of the bridge, it is Shanghai's first cable-stayed road double.
At 9:30 on the 31st, in Jiading New City transit hub, held a new energy bus departure ceremony, Jiading four new bus line 6 car full of passengers pulled out of the station, which is the new energy bus for the first time in the suburbs of Shanghai debut .

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