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Irrigation sewing machine roadside construction

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⑴ hand push, independent power, lightweight and practical and reliable
⑵ thermal efficiency by 2 to 3 times, shortening the time for the entire job.
⑶ introduction of new technology and foreign technology to improve the pouring quality and reduce costs.
⑷ machine is equipped with generators can provide sufficient power.
⑸ increased mixing system enables rapid and uniform heating.
⑹ apply to ordinary asphalt and pouring glue material; material by pouring asphalt pump output flow rate can be adjusted.
⑺ discharge pipe using an electric heating system, effectively eliminate condensation problems pouring material in the hose, while reducing the number of manual cleaning hose.
⑻ centralized control panel operation, simple effort.
Application: sealing machine is mainly used for asphalt pavement, concrete pavement surface crack treatment site.

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